Floor Plan Design and Effective Utilization of Space
Cost Comparison of Completive Product Lines
Color and Material Selection Coordination
Delivery and Installation
Electrical and Data Distribution
Inventory Management
Funding Choices

There’s so much more to our business than selling you furniture. It all begins with understanding your needs; how many employees you expect to fit in your space, how those employees interact, if the space is visible to your customers and much, much more.

We need to engineer the furniture so it meets building codes and not only make the fire department happy, but is comfortable and keeps your employees productive. Most often delivery and installation is a “dance” with the management of the building you occupy, the vendor who is doing the leasehold improvements as well as the one that is doing your data cabling.

We can help you with financing too. Sure you can write a check for the balance, but have you thought about negotiating the cost of your furniture and its installation into your lease? We can help you pick out the best fabrics and laminate too. Upholstery materials can be unbelievably expensive! There are plenty of options to pick from and you don’t have to break the bank to create the right design. And when it comes time to adapt your offices to fit a different space or reconfigure it because your needs have changed, we’re there for you.

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